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Since 01/01/2023

Who are our Trips for?

Our trips are open to all individuals, both men and women, aged 18 years or older for adult trips, with no upper age limit. In the case of a family or friends trip, children must be at least 12 years old on the first day of the trip.

The participant commits to the following:

• Being able to swim 25 meters.

• Possessing a medical certificate stating no contraindications for sailing.

• Not having any medical condition that could contraindicate sailing.

• Carrying all necessary treatments and medications required for their health condition, as long as it does not contraindicate sailing.

Language Used

Unless specifically mentioned indicating the skipper's language, the trips are conducted in French.

Swimming Certificate (mandatory for minors)

For minors, participation in the trip is subject to the submission of a swimming certificate (25 meters with immersion) issued in a municipal swimming pool or as part of school activities. This certificate must be handed over to the skipper on the first day of the trip.

After Registration Request

We will acknowledge receipt of your request by email, providing:

An invoice containing the name, date of the trip, your payment, and the remaining balance (if applicable).

An email specifying the detailed characteristics of your trip.

How much to pay upon registration?

A deposit of 40% of the price of the trip is required upon registration. The remaining balance is due no later than 30 days before the start date of the trip. In the absence of full payment after this date, your reservation is no longer guaranteed, and Urban Walls reserves the right to allocate your place to someone else.

Community Living and Safety Rules

Any registration for a trip implies acceptance and compliance with community living rules (respect for others and equipment, solidarity, mutual assistance) and safety rules. Any violation of these rules that disrupts the smooth operation or safety of the trips and participants or any other person may result in the exclusion of the offender(s) without any refund.

Change or Cancellation Fees

No cancellation requests will be considered without full payment of the cancellation fees. The amount of the fees depends on the time between the change or cancellation request and the start date of the trip, according to the following conditions:

Cancellation or Change Fees:

Less than or equal to 7 days: 100%

8 to 30 days: 50%

More than 30 days: 20%

Modification of Registration by Urban Walls

Urban Walls reserves the right to cancel a trip, especially if the crew's size a few days before departure is insufficient to ensure the safety of the participants and the skipper. In such cases, Urban Walls offers a replacement solution whenever possible. If the solution is not satisfactory, Urban Walls will refund the amount paid for the trip upon written request (by email or mail). The refund will be made by bank transfer starting from the 1st day of the following month.

Modification of Activities by Urban Walls

Certain exceptional circumstances (e.g., boat accidents, damages, weather conditions, crew skills, etc.) may lead us to modify the meeting point, course, or itinerary of the trip. These circumstances do not entitle you to any trip refund.

What should be paid on-site?

Transport costs to the Home Port: to be borne by you, not included. Depending on your chosen mode of transportation, the following additional expenses are to be expected: airplane, bus, taxi.

Security Deposit: Upon arrival, a cash deposit of €150 is required. It will be retained in case of loss or damage to the equipment due to negligence by the crew.

On-board Fund: Food is not included. Participants contribute to an on-board fund covering food, port fees, diesel, and gas (estimated at approximately €25 per day per person.


Unless otherwise stated by you (or the parents for minor participants), photographs or videos taken during the trips may be used for Urban Walls' communication purposes (catalog, website, posters, newsletters) or in press materials, without any compensation being claimed from Urban Walls.


Late arrivals and early departures are not eligible for any refunds or reductions. Similarly, days not spent sailing due to weather conditions are not eligible for refunds.